Tuesday, 7 April 2009

THE SAINT on dvd

I've read a few stories by Leslie Charteris featuring his hero Simon Templar alias The Saint. But being a little on the young side had never seen the Roger Moore tv series.
Now, thanks to a new part work video series I can.
The first two episodes 'The Talented Husband' and 'The Latin Touch' are available for £2.99.
This series was screened in the 1960s with the final episode shown in 1969.
Roger Moore went on to play James Bond and the first episode features the Bond girl Shirley Eaton (she's the one that ended up painted gold in 'Goldfinger'). She plays an insurance investigator who teams up with The Saint to prevent a rubbish theatre producer from killing off his third wife.
Great fun and well worth watching.
Also, I had a bit of fun buying this dvd set because it means that I've got to start watching 'The Bill'. I managed to walk on to the set of an episode that they were filming outside my local newsagent - just as 'the robber' was running out of the shop.


  1. I picked up that part work too, even if I have already got the season one box set. The first part was cheap enough and I wanted the magazine. I'll have to tell you the story once of how Roger Moore picked up my dummy when I was a baby and handed it back to my mum. A saintly fellow.

  2. I was never a big fan of the show but you and Gary (The Tainted Archive) have convinced to take another look... There's a Leslie Charteris collection just released that I'm looking forward to.

  3. I grew up with Ian Ogilvy playing The Saint and never really got into Roger Moore's version. I'll watch them if they're on the tele though.