Sunday, 12 April 2009

EDGE #61 THE RIFLE by George G Gilman

Is this the most expensive western ever?
It does make me wonder as there is a copy on Ebay which has reached £74 with a few more days to go and I know that in the past it has reached as much as £120. Whoever pays that much must be either a dedicated fan or something. Probably the 'or something'.
As far as I know there were not that many of these books printed although it was the one that finished the series.
The story itself concerns a Colt Hartford rifle that Edge believes has been stolen from Adam Steele (another George G Gilman creation). These two had met up in three previous books. What surprised me was that despite the coldness of Edge's character that he actually cared enough to find Adam Steele and return his rifle to him.
And how much did this book cost me? 10p in a charity shop. And no I'm not parting with it.


  1. In the Silly Prices Dept, go to and try to buy a first-edition copy of Frontier Brides. Cheapest available is currently £105.75 plus £2.75 shipping (minimum, local). Prices have nothing to do with the "reading value" of books and everything to do with availability and the dealers, who are out to make a buck. If I sold off all my personal copies of just one of my "rarest" Black Horse Westerns, I'd make heaps more money than by spending 200-odd hours planning and writing another.

  2. That Edge book sold for around £134.00. Good little investment you've got there.

  3. Ahh Edge - the King of Brit westerns. I'll give you 75p for it mate.

  4. No chance Archavist - like Steve M says it's a good little investment. Maybe my two boys will take it to the Antiques Roadshow when they are a bit older.

  5. Ahh well it was worth a try - My final offer is 75p and a packet of Chili and Chocolate flavour crisps.