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This 1971 movie was directed by Mario Gariazzo who also wrote the screenplay with Ferndinando Poggi.
Run time: 94 mins
Lincoln Tate as Acquasanta Joe
Ty Hardin as Colonel Donovan
Richard Harrison as Charlie Bennett
Silvia Monelli as Estella
The American Civil War has just ended when Confederate Colonel Donovan and his gang capture a cannon and take up bank robbery.
Acquasanta Joe is a bounty hunter who has managed to earn $50,000 plus interest all of which he has put in a bank. A bank that Donovan robs and Joe goes off to get his money back.
Of course, the Army want their cannon back and put an end to Donovan and his gang.
So all the makings of a good film we thought.
For some unexplained reason Acquasanta Joe is hired by Donovan to bring in Charlie Bennett who ran off with the proceeds of the bank robbery. After some water torture Bennett admits that the money was buried in his mother's grave. The grave is empty though as Acquasanta Joe has taken the money and made a deal with the army to trap the outlaws. And we found ourselves wondering how this piece of the storyline worked as Joe couldn't have got the money from the coffin without Bennett knowing.
Anyway to cut a long story short Donovan and his gang find an empty coffin, ambush the cavalry who are about to hang Bennett who hangs anyway. The gang fall out and Acquasanta Joe teams up with Donovan to dispose of the rest of the gang. Joe takes on a cannon with a bow and arrow. Donovan escapes and Joe finishes up with the girl.
And the cavalry never turn up in the nick of time.
Most of the actors are a bit cardboardy and wooden and only Ty Hardin looked as though he was enjoying himself.
Some of the scenes go on for too long as though the actors are waiting to find out what they have to do next.
The film is also irritating for bad voice synch.
Marcello Giombini's music doesn't help either.
Not the best advert for spaghetti westerns but it only cost a £1 from a charity shop.
Not on our recommended list.

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