Monday, 6 July 2009


Wimbledon is not my scene. No way. But yesterday's final was something else.
On the one hand there was the Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer, looking to make his 15th grand slam and beat a record set by Pete Sampras.
On the other was an American, Andy Roddick, all out to prove something to himself.
Strangely, I found myself rooting for Andy Roddick. I don't know why because he had dumped Andy Murray out of the finals.
From the start it looked good when Andy Roddick broke Roger Federer's serve in the first set and it looked like he was going to make it two in a row until Andy Roddick stuttered a bit in the tie-break.
Roger Federer won the next two sets on a tie break but Andy Roddick didn't play like it was all over. No he broke Roger Federer's serve in the fourth set and took the match into a fifth and final set.
This was the showdown and there was no give in either player. This could have gone either way.
Roger Federer had failed to break Andy Roddick's serve but Andy had broken Federer's twice.
If the odds favoured anyone then it had to be Andy Roddick.
The fifth set at Wimbledon does not have a tie-break so this match went into epic mode. This was edge of the seat stuff. Both men had to be both physically and mentally exhausted but they fought on. As Roger Federer had served first his score would always be in front. In the 30th game of the set Roger Federer finally got that vital break of serve that had him lift the trophy.
Final score:
Roger Federer 5 7 7 3 16
Andy Roddick 7 6 6 6 14
To me the match might have been epic and Roger Federer may have broken records to become Wimbledon Champion. But Andy Roddick made him fight for it. Every match has to have winners and losers but yesterday's final in my mind - both men were winners.

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