Saturday, 30 May 2009


Written and Directed by Burt Kennedy
Raquel Welch as Hannie Caulder
Robert Culp as Thomas Luther Price
Ernest Borgnine as Emmett Clemens
Jack Elam as Frank Clemens
Strother Martin as Rufus Clemens
Christopher Lee as Bailey
This is a good revenge movie for the girls.
Boys will like it too even if it to just watch Hannie Caulder do her stuff in nothing more than a poncho and tight fitting jeans.
The Clemens brothers are not very bright and bungle a bank robbery after which they are chased over the border by Mexican soldiers. They lose one of their horses and try to steal another from the way station run by Hannie Caulder and her husband. They kill the husband and gang rape Hannie before setting fire to the house with her inside.
The gang ride off and Hannie escapes to fall in with a bounty hunter called Thomas Luther Price who she tries to get to teach her how to use a gun.
At first he refuses but he gives in and takes her to see an English gunsmith called Bailey who makes her a special gun.
They arrive in town and meet up with the Clemens brothers and it gets pretty violent.
This is a violent film and it is good to see a woman in the gunfighter role. The film is shot in a style similar to that of the Italian westerns but this is a British movie with American actors and an appearance of the iconic film actress Diana Dors as a brothel madame.
We enjoyed 'Hannie Caulder' but I think that we watched it for different reasons.


  1. Great minds think alike. I have Hannie scheduled to help promote WWM on my blog in two days... HANNIE CAULDER is a guilty pleasure for me and obviously Ms. Welch is the main draw.

  2. Again, you've picked one of my top 10 films.

  3. Loved the 'different reasons' comment! Might appeal to poncho fetishists too...